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The God First Life  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.- Jesus  from the Sermon on the Mount- Matthew 6:33

Dear Friends,                                                                                          October  2016

Grace and peace. Our Stewardship theme for 2016-2017 is I LOVE MY CHURCH. Thinking about what you love is vitally important in life. Jesus sums up all the commandments by saying the greatest is Love God with all you heart, soul, mind and strength. And the second is to love your neighbor as your self. I have really enjoyed reading all the responses from you about why you love our church. They are all pinned to a bulletin board next to the church office or you can see them on our church Facebook page. It is beautiful to read how much people love the church! Here are just a few….. I love the church because “from day one when we walked into this church we felt welcome. We feel like we are needed and happy in this church. We are uplifted by the sermons and when we leave we have a feeling of joy.”…. another writes…..” I love my church because coming here is the only good habit I have.” “ I love my church because its a family where we share joys, heartaches and every day life all while glorifying God.” “I love my church because we do fun stuff.” “I love my church because I love Sunday School  (and eating donuts) and how beautiful it is. It’s peaceful.”  “I love my church because it fills me with joy and makes me smile all day long.” 

There are so many responses that lift my spirits. They help me rejoice in all that God does through the church. John Wesley’s Three Simple Rules are…. 1. Do good  2. Do no harm  and 3. Stay in love with God.  Staying in love with God is vitally important as we are challenged by the world we live in. We need everyone to know how important they are and how loved they are.  You are invited to joyfully make your financial pledge of support on October 30th. We are a church family that is growing in love and godliness by trusting in God’s saving grace through Jesus. 

The theme of I Love My Church is simple but very profound. When we experience the love of Jesus and then share it the world is transformed. We are often tempted to fall in love with things other than God and our priorities are out of order. Jesus- in the sermon on the mount from Matthew 6- says that we are to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. If we seek God first then everything else will fall into line.  You are invited to read a wonderful book by Pastor Stovall Weems called The God First Life- Uncomplicated  Your Life- God’s Way. We have already distributed 25 of these books within the church family but we will be ordering more of them so our entire church can read together.  If we put God first in our life then we experience a peace and purpose that we cannot find if our faith down on our priority list. Here are a couple of quotes from this great book.

“When we strive to set our own priorities, however — when we put God way down the list — we miss out on a life marked by blessing and peace.” “He meant that a life of anxiety is never an issue of unmet need but always an issue of disordered priorities.”   The books are free but you can offer a donation of $5 to cover some of the costs. We will have a gathering to discuss the book on 11/16 @ 6:30pm.  

Many of us fondly remember the Lay Witness Mission we had last April. So many grew closer to Jesus and made the commitment to put God first in their lives. We are blessed that  Dan and Kay Meredith - from our Lay Witness   Mission- will be spending the weekend with our church- October 14-16. Dan will be leading the music and sharing inspiring words on Sunday October 16 at both of our services. Dan is gifted by God in leading praise music and sharing his    testimony of God’s love. Dan will also be offering a benefit concert for ASP on Saturday October 15 at 4pm. It is a free concert with a free will offering that will all go towards our Appalachia Service Project Youth Mission. Please make plans to attend.

October 23 we will have our annual BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS at 3:15pm at the outdoor Memorial Cross. Bring your animal family members for a special blessing. We will be collecting donations for the Bay Path Animal Shelter in Hopkinton. 

Mark your calendar……ALL are welcome to a delicious free dinner on Monday October 24. We especially invite all new people to the church to this special dinner. 

And…….On Tuesday October 25 at 6:30pm we will have a Membership Class for those interested in joining the First UMC of Westborough family. 

Our Pledge Sunday is October 30. It is a perfect Sunday to invite people to pledge their lives, love and support.   We will be celebrating ALL SAINTS SUNDAY on Sunday, November 6th where people are invited to come forward and light a candle in memory of loved ones who are in  Heaven.

I thank you for loving your church and showing it through your participation in the life saving ministries of First UMC. Your presence and   offering truly make a difference. Every Sunday I rejoice in the power of God’s love to bring joy, peace, forgiveness, and smiles to children- young and old.  If you want to be truly blessed- happy- then I invite you to put God first in your life.

In Christian Love,   Pastor John


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Join us for a traditional worship service @ 9:00am with age appropiate Sunday School classes for kids ages pre-k through high school.
If you enjoy a worship service with a more contemporary feel, please consider our 10:30am service.  We offer a one-room Sunday School format for children ages pre-k through second grade. 
Come early and join us for a hymn sing at 8:45 am.  
Refreshments and fellowship time at 10 am.
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