Our Time to Build


- Congregation Task Force determines accessibility needs to be a priority (2012)

- Exploratory building committee formed (2014)

- Congregation approves committee recommendations for path forward (completed 6/13/2017)

- Concept Design & Initial estimate completed (4/2018)

- Feedback & Fundraising (now in process)

- Design update, new estimate, loan if needed (Fall 2018)

- Bids (TBD)

- Construction begins (TBD) 

April 2018 update

Did you know this year is the 50th anniversary of our church building? Our congregation can trace its roots in Westborough back to 1799. Through the faith and dedication of our forebears, the buildings we worshiped in evolved to serve the needs of our growing and vital ministries.

April and May will be busy months for our Building Committees as we continue to work on design and fundraising to make our church fully handicapped accessible, bring to current code and create a modern lobby space. 

In April & May, we will have several meetings for all to hear the plans and provide feedback.

March 2018 update

Design & Build Subcommittee Reviews Proposed Exterior and Interior Designs Interior Designs The Design & Build Subcommittee is reviewing both interior and exterior designs for the proposed lobby addition and elevator project.  The Finance Subcommittee continues to collect gifts and pledges while keeping track of expected expenses. The

Fundraising Committee would like to thank the many people who have made pledges and gifts to the “Our Time to Build Campaign.” 

February 2018 update

The Design & Build Subcommittee has completed the schematic design for the floor plan of the new addition and is now finalizing the design of the exterior elevations. Next it will be reviewing the necessary mechanical systems needed for the addition, as well as, the work of the civil engineer regarding the proposed topography. The Finance sub-committee continues to report on the status of gifts, pledges and expenses. 

The Fundraising Subcommittee would like to thank church members who took advantage of the 2018 IRS tax changes and made pledges, gave shares of stock and donations of approximately $150,000 before the end of the year.


Click here to view the 2017 resolution.