Our Time to Build

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June, 2019 Update:

Groundbreaking Activities and Commissioning

You can now visibly see signs of our efforts to make the church handicapped accessible. On May 18, church volunteers removed cabinets and walls within a closet at the front of the sanctuary to make room for a handicapped ramp. Other volunteers removed the cabinets and sink within the kitchenette at the back of the narthex to make way for the larger entrance to the sanctuary. Also volunteers began cutouts of the pews to make room for wheelchairs and build the frame for a handicapped ramp in Webb Hall.

A blessing and commissioning was held at both the 9 and 10:45 services on Sunday, June 23, with groundbreaking activities in between. Church members were able to sign a beam that will be part of the addition and take pictures of members with the ceremonial shovel. We were joined by our construction partners ACS Group Inc. (http://www.acsgroupinc.com). 

Additional Pledges Welcomed and Needed

It’s not too late to volunteer or make a pledge!  All new and past support is appreciated. 

May, 2019 Update:

Our permitting process has started and final plans are due to various town departments.  Subcontractors continue doing walk-throughs and submitting bids this month.

April, 2019 Update:

The Design/Build Subcommittee is in contact negotiations with a contractor to do pre-construction and construction activities. Architect Doug Sacra of Maple Hill Architects is on track to be completely finished with construction documents by May 1 and we are expecting to break ground in the summer. In late April and in May, GC will be leading walk-throughs with subcontractors who will bid on our project. If you know of any subcontractors who would like to bid on this project or possibly provide in-kind work, please contact the office. 

March, 2019:

Design/Build Subcommittee Interviewing General Contractors

Our building project will make all levels of the church accessible and create a larger  gathering space for fellowship between services and for groups during the weekend. The Design/Build Subcommittee is interviewing general contractors and will  review proposals from interested  construction firms over the next couple of weeks.  Architect Doug Sacra of Maple Hill  Architects is on track to be completely finished with construction documents by May 1 and we are still on track to break ground in the summer.

Volunteer Building Project Helpers 

The building project will need volunteers to help with pre-construction activities. We will clear furniture out of spaces, do light demo work, change out doorknobs, do some framing for the new ramps and other light handy-person work. Watch for these and other volunteer opportunities to be announced this spring. If you can give a few hours, it makes a difference and saves money that we would otherwise have to pay the contractors. Bring friends and make it your own mini-mission project.


Fundraising and Finance subcommittees report that your generosity continues to be humbling and amazing!  As of February, we have received almost 1.2 million in pledge payments and unpledged gifts.  More is needed to lower our loan and interest payments, so please consider a 3 year pledge if you haven't already. Thanks to all who have committed to help modernize our worship facility. 

October, 2018 update

Design/Build team moving forward with plans

The congregation unanimously approved the project at a Church Conference on September 19, 2018.  See the resolution here.

Now that the Congregation and our district supervising body has given formal approval to move ahead with the project, the Design & Build subcommittee continues to meet twice a month to refine the existing drawings.  A high level of detail is required to prepare formal construction documents for the bid process, which is scheduled for early 2019. In addition, we are discussing phasing and timetable for eventual construction so that the construction will have, as limited impact and inconvenience on the day-to-day workings of the church, as is possible. 

The Fundraising subcommittee continues to seek out additional donors in order to close the remaining funding gap. Volunteers will also be needed to assist with projects around the church to help keep costs low. Watch for volunteer opportunities in the coming months.

August/September, 2018 update:  Final Building Plan to Be Presented to Church Membership

So that a final building plan can be presented to and voted on by the church membership, the Design/Build Subcommittee is reviewing the feedback received during/after church services in April/May and the Fundraising Subcommittee is reviewing all of the pledges received to date. The goal is that the final plan will be presented for a vote in late August/early September.

June, 2018 Update

Fundraising Subcommittee Seeking Pledge Commitments by June 30

The Fundraising Subcommittee is asking church members this month to prayerfully consider making a 3-year pledge to support plans for a fully accessible church building and larger fellowship space. Members of the Fundraising Subcommittee are speaking at worship services during the month of June and are available after services to answer questions. More than $1.4M of this $2.9M project has been pledged but more is needed to make this project a reality. In order for the Design/Build Subcommittee to move forward, the Fundraising Subcommittee needs to know the total amount pledged by the end of June.

Late May, 2018 Update

Congregation Provides Feedback to Design/Build Subcommittee

During and between worship services on April 29 and May 6, architect Doug Sacra of Maple Hill Architects presented designs for a fully accessible church building and larger fellowship space to the congregation. The Design/Build Subcommittee is now reviewing the feedback that arose out of those presentations and developing a plan for going forward.

The Fundraising Subcommittee is asking church members to prayerfully consider making a 3-year pledge to support this project. They will be sending a mailing and calling or visiting with church members to ask for their help. Prayerfully consider your participation. This is an opportunity to give back and ensure that more people can participate in worship. In order for the Design/Build Subcommittee to move forward, the Fundraising Subcommittee needs to know the total amount pledged by the end of June.

Early May, 2018 update

Building Committee Votes to Bring Designs Forward to Congregation

On April 6, the three subcommittees of FUMC's Building Committee, as well as other church leadership, met to review designs prepared by architect Doug Sacra of Maple Hill Architects.  Those gathered approved the next step in the process, which is to bring the plans to the congregation for feedback. 

At the meeting, Pastor John shared that people have not been able to attend events and services at our church because it is not accessible to people with disabilities. The proposed $2.9M design creates a larger, accessible fellowship space outside the sanctuary and brings the church up to code in terms of accessibility and fire protection.

Here are some highlights of the plan, which will be discussed following services on April 29 and May 6 (the designs will also be available for viewing in the church):

-much larger gathering space outside the sanctuary, with enough space for after-church functions and meetings

-a new serving kitchen on the first floor

-a new nursery on the second floor

-a new handicapped accessible entrance from the back parking lot that doesn’t require stairs or rely upon an unreliable lift

-a LULA (Limited Use Limited Application) elevator that goes to all levels of the church

-handicap accessible bathrooms on all floors

-ramps for access to the chancel and Webb Hall

The Finance Subcommittee has been in touch with the United Methodist Foundation of NE about possible solutions that might work for us. The Fundraising Committee has started receiving pledges and gifts, and those who give online can designate contributions on the church’s homepage, http://firstumchurch.com

Check the building committee link on the church homepage for continued updates.

April 2018 update

Did you know this year is the 50th anniversary of our church building? Our congregation can trace its roots in Westborough back to 1799. Through the faith and dedication of our forebears, the buildings we worshiped in evolved to serve the needs of our growing and vital ministries.

April and May will be busy months for our Building Committees as we continue to work on design and fundraising to make our church fully handicapped accessible, bring to current code and create a modern lobby space. 

In April & May, we will have several meetings for all to hear the plans and provide feedback.

March 2018 update

Design & Build Subcommittee Reviews Proposed Exterior and Interior Designs Interior Designs The Design & Build Subcommittee is reviewing both interior and exterior designs for the proposed lobby addition and elevator project.  The Finance Subcommittee continues to collect gifts and pledges while keeping track of expected expenses. The

Fundraising Committee would like to thank the many people who have made pledges and gifts to the “Our Time to Build Campaign.” 

February 2018 update

The Design & Build Subcommittee has completed the schematic design for the floor plan of the new addition and is now finalizing the design of the exterior elevations. Next it will be reviewing the necessary mechanical systems needed for the addition, as well as, the work of the civil engineer regarding the proposed topography. The Finance sub-committee continues to report on the status of gifts, pledges and expenses. 

The Fundraising Subcommittee would like to thank church members who took advantage of the 2018 IRS tax changes and made pledges, gave shares of stock and donations of approximately $150,000 before the end of the year.


- Design Revision, Timeline and Phasing discussions (November 2018-January 2019)

- Congregation & District approve Building Project (September 2018)

- Feedback & Fundraising (August 2018)

- Concept Design & Initial estimate (April 2018)

- Congregation approves committee recommendations for path forward (2017)

- Exploratory building committee formed (2014)

- Congregation Task Force determines accessibility needs to be a priority (2012)